How to Increase the Font for Incoming Messages in Outlook 2007

By Nicholas Smith

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is an email application that allows you to send and receive messages from one or more email accounts. When you receive a new message, you may have a hard time reading the contents of the message if the font is too small. Fortunately, you can increase the font size of incoming message in Outlook itself. Additionally, if you have problems reading any text on your computer, you can change display settings within Windows. If you change the Windows settings, they will apply to Outlook and any other applications you use.

Step 1

Increase the "zoom" function when you are reading an incoming message. Open the message by clicking on "Inbox," located in the right-hand panel. Click on a new message. New messages appear in bold. Zoom in by clicking "CTRL" on your keyboard, while simultaneously scrolling your mouse upwards. In case you zoom in too far, hold "CTRL" and scroll your mouse backwards.

Step 2

Increase the font size for plain text messages. Plain text messages do not contain any HTML coding in them. Click "Tools," "Options" and click on the tab labeled "Mail Format." Click "Stationary and Fonts" and increase the font size listed. Click "OK" to save your settings.

Step 3

Change Windows' display setting if you have problems seeing your Outlook messages and text in other programs. Right-click on your desktop and select "Screen Resolution." Click on the link labeled "Make text and other items larger or smaller." Select a new display setting and click "Apply."