How to Increase TV Antenna Strength

By Matt Goetz

If you're still using an antenna to receive TV signals, you probably already have experienced occasional static and a fuzzy picture as a result of poor reception. If you live far away from a tower supplying the signal, you are more likely to experience a weaker antenna signal. A variety of factors can cause your TV antenna to produce poor reception on your TV set. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to combat the problem and help increase your television's antenna strength.

Things You'll Need

  • New antenna
  • Signal booster

Step 1

Inspect the wires and splitter connected to your antenna. Old, corroded wires, connectors and splitters may require replacement. Replacing these parts with new ones can greatly improve antenna signal strength.

Step 2

Change the location of your TV's antenna. Moving an attic antenna to the rooftop could create a stronger TV signal. If have a rooftop antenna, turn the device in the other direction and see if the reception improves.

Step 3

Upgrade your current TV antenna. The indoor TV antenna placed on top of the TV usually generates a lower signal compared to the rooftop antenna. If you have an older rooftop TV antenna, you might consider upgrading to a newer model.

Step 4

Consider purchasing a signal booster, which increases poor reception by amplifying the signal that the box receives.

Step 5

Make an appointment for a professional technician to come out and inspect the antenna if you're unable to resolve the problem on your own. A technician can give advice and recommendations on how to resolve the weak TV antenna signal.