How to Insert a Background to an Excel Spreadsheet

By Tricia Goss

An Excel spreadsheet is a fantastic way to provide information to other users. However, you might not think of them as aesthetically appealing or terribly exciting. One way to spruce up your spreadsheet is by adding graphics. You can insert your company's logo, a picture of a product you sell or manufacture, or simply something to add some life and color to your spreadsheet.

Step 1

Start Microsoft Excel. Open an existing workbook or open a new blank workbook.

Step 2

Click "Format" on the toolbar and point to "Sheet." Click on "Background." The "Sheet Background" dialog box will open, typically to the location on your computer that you use as your default for storing graphics.

Step 3

Navigate to the picture you want to use as your background. Click on the picture to select it and then click "Insert." The picture will replicate itself throughout your worksheet.

Step 4

Remove your background picture by clicking on the tab of the worksheet that has a background, clicking "Format" on the "Tools" menu, pointing to "Sheet" and clicking "Delete Background."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you would like your picture to appear more faint behind your worksheet, an easy way to do so is by inserting the graphic in a Microsoft Publisher page. Right click the picture and click "Format Picture." Go to the "Picture" tab and under "Color" choose "Washout" and click "OK." Now right click the picture again and choose "Save as Picture." Use this newly saved graphic as your background.