How to Insert a Black Line in MS Word 2007

By Craig Witt

Microsoft Word 2007 gives you the ability to create a wide range of printed publications, including letters, resumes, envelopes, labels, forms and brochures. Although it includes a collection of drawing tools that allow you to manually create lines and other shapes, the program also offers a couple of simple keyboard shortcuts that allow you to define black lines of varying thickness with only a few keystrokes. Once you understand how these shortcuts work, inserting a black line into your Word 2007 document becomes a quick task.

Step 1

Click on the section of the Microsoft Word 2007 document where you want to insert a black line.

Step 2

Select the "Home" tab located at the top-left corner of the program window.

Step 3

Click the "Font Color" drop-down menu located at the bottom-right corner of the "Font" section of the top toolbar and select black as your preferred color.

Step 4

Type three consecutive dash characters (e.g., "---") with no spaces between them if you want a standard black line. For a slightly thicker black line, create three underscore characters (e.g., "___") instead. To create an underscore character, press the "Shift" and "-" keys simultaneously.

Step 5

Press the "Enter" key. Word 2007 automatically turns the three characters you typed in the previous step into a solid black line that extends the width of the current paragraph.