How to Insert a CD Into a MacBook Pro

By KR Knowlin

The Apple MacBook Pro CD/DVD drive is situated horizontally on the front-right side of the laptop, next to the Kensington lock slot. Like other Apple computers, the disc drive on the MacBook Pro is recessed. After partially inserting a CD into the slot-loaded disc drive, it pulls the CD into the slot and begins to load the content. Only insert standard-sized CDs into your MacBook Pro.

Step 1

Locate your MacBook Pro's disc drive slot on the right side of the bottom panel.

Step 2

Insert the CD, label-side up, into the disc drive slot. Continue to feed the CD into the slot until the drive registers the CD and pulls the disc the rest of the way in.

Step 3

Press the "Eject" button, with the upward-facing arrow on it, at the top-right of your MacBook Pro keyboard to eject the CD from the disc drive.