How to Insert a Disc Into the New iMac

By Tyson Cliffton

Inserting optical discs in an iMac is necessary to install some software on the computer, as some software is only supplied on a disc and is not available for download. The iMac doesn't use the standard pop-out tray used in previous versions of the iMac or in other computers. The iMac does not have a tower, which is where the optical drive on most computers is found. Instead, the optical drive on the new iMac, as of 2011, is found on the monitor.

Step 1

Turn on the iMac.

Step 2

Position the disc just outside of the SuperDrive slot along the middle of the right edge of the iMac monitor. Make sure the label on the outside of the disc is facing you.

Step 3

Push the disc into the SuperDrive. An icon representing the disc will appear on the iMac desktop. Double-click the icon to load the disc on the computer.

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