How to Insert a Horizontal Line in Word 2007

By Erika Dean

If you want to insert a horizontal line in a Word 2007 document, you can quickly do so. This is useful if you want to divide a section or your document or want to make a certain section stand out. You can place the line wherever you want in your document and can even make it stretch across the length of the page.

Step 1

Open Word and click "Insert" from the Word ribbon.

Step 2

Select "Shapes" from the menu. A drop-down menu opens with shapes you can add to your document.

Step 3

Look to the "Lines" section of the shapes list and click the first line. A crossbar for drawing the shape appears on the Word document.

Step 4

Click the crossbar on the space where you want to insert the line and drag the crossbar to the right to insert a horizontal line.

Step 5

Release your mouse to finish. If you need to move or change the length of the horizontal line, simply click the line and drag it to a different position or drag one of the sizing handles on the end to re-size the line.

Tips & Warnings

  • Press the "Shift" key while drawing the line to keep the line straight.

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