How to Insert a Horizontal Rule in Microsoft Word

By Jay Leon

Microsoft Word offers different ways to break a document into sections. One of the simplest to use is the border tool. From this group of tools you can apply the horizontal line that serves as a visible divider between parts of a document. These lines are as easy to remove as they are to insert. You can click and press the "Backspace" button to erase a horizontal line if you later decide to delete it.

Step 1

Open a document in Microsoft Word. Click wherever you want the horizontal line to appear.

Step 2

Click the "Home" tab on the Word Ribbon if it is not active already. In the Paragraphs group on the right of the Paint Bucket tool, look for the Borders tool. The Borders tool looks like a group of four squares. Click the drop-down arrow on the tool.

Step 3

Click "Horizontal Line" from the list of border types. Word inserts a horizontal line where you clicked on the document earlier.