How to Insert a Link Into a Facebook Comment

By Kristen Waters

Facebook is of course the popular social media website where users post status updates, photos and links that they want to share. There are comment text boxes beneath each post in which other users can add comments to the post. The comments can include links to other Web pages. Users can click these links to access the linked Web page.

Step 1

Open a Web browser.

Step 2

Navigate to the page that you want to link to.

Step 3

Highlight the entire Web address in the address bar of the Web browser and press "Ctrl+C" to copy the address. Make sure to include the "http://" portion of the address.

Step 4

Navigate to your Facebook page.

Step 5

Place your cursor in the comment text box where you want to insert the link.

Step 6

Press "Ctrl+V" to paste the Web address into the comment text box.

Step 7

Press the "Enter" key to submit the comment. The Web address will show up as a clickable link on the page.