How to Insert a PDF in Powerpoint 2007

By Jean Marie Bauhaus

Inserting a PDF into your Powerpoint 2007 presentation can be tricky. Many people intuitively try to insert it as a file and end up frustrated when that doesn't work. The trick is to insert it as an object, which, depending on your settings, will either cause the first page of your PDF to appear right there on the slide or create a PDF icon that links to your PDF document for easy access during your presentation.

Step 1

Open a Powerpoint document and place the cursor at the point where you want to insert a PDF document. Click "Insert" on the main toolbar and select "Object," located at the far right of the Insert ribbon. An "Insert Object" window will appear.

Step 2

Select "Create from file" on the "Insert Object" window. Under "Object type," select "Adobe Acrobat Document." Leave the "Display as icon" box unchecked and click "OK." A file browser window will open.

Step 3

Select the PDF file you wish to insert and click "OK." An Adobe Reader box containing the PDF will open. Click "File" and select "Exit and return to Your_Presentation_Filename." Click and drag the corners of the blue box around the PDF to resize it. Save the Powerpoint document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Checking the "Display as icon" box in the "Insert Object" window will insert an Adobe PDF icon that links to your PDF document instead of inserting the first page of the document, which might be useful if you have a large PDF file with more than one page. You have to exit slideshow mode and be in edit mode for the link to work, however.
  • Another method is simply to highlight the parts of the PDF that you wish to include, then copy and paste each one into the Powerpoint document.
  • This method will only insert the first page of your PDF document. In order to insert multiple PDF pages using this method, you will need to break out each page of your PDF into a separate PDF file. A program like PDFHelper can automate that process and make it go much faster. See Resources for the download link.