How to Insert a Tab & Dot Leader Feature in Word 2007

By Amie Martin

Tab leaders are designed to draw the reader's attention from one point in a document to another across a horizontal line. A classic example of a dot tab leader is a table of contents, which often use this feature between a chapter title and its first page number. Word 2007 uses the Microsoft Office Ribbon at the top of Word documents for formatting, including dot tab leaders.

Step 1

Click the position on the horizontal ruler of Word 2007 where you want your dot tab leader to end.

Step 2

Type any text you want to appear prior to the dot tab leader, hit the "Tab" button on your keyboard, and type any text you want to appear after the dot tab leader.

Step 3

Highlight the line you just typed by clicking and dragging your mouse over it. If you only set a tab and your formatting doesn't require text, you still need to highlight the line in order to set the dot tab leader.

Step 4

Click the "Page Layout" tab on the Word 2007 ribbon, and then click the square on the right of the grey "Paragraph" button to launch its dialog box.

Step 5

Click "Tabs..." at the bottom of the "Paragraph" dialog box to launch the "Tabs" dialog box.

Step 6

Select "2 ........" under "Leader" options in the "Tabs" dialog box, and then click "OK." A dot leader appears according to the Tab position(s) you set.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can set dashed or solid line tab leaders by following these same steps and selecting a style other than "dots."
  • A hard return after your line formatted with a dot leader will keep the formatting for subsequent lines.