How to Insert an Attachment Into a Word Document

By Sam Foner

Microsoft Word was first released by Microsoft in 1989 as part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Word allows you to add pictures and graphics from a file to a document, or choose from its extensive database of clip art. You can also insert charts or graphs into a Word document. This is a simple task that takes just a few moments.

Step 1

Click at the place in the document where you want to insert the attachment. It is best to compose the text before adding graphics.

Step 2

Click on "Insert" from the menu at the top, and then click on the attachment you want to insert. Word offers many options for inserts, ranging from graphs and charts to image files and clip art.

Step 3

Use the options displayed under the "Picture Tools (Format)" menu to adjust your graphic after you have inserted it. These options include wrapping text around the picture, changing border and color formats, and adding visual effects to the graphic. You can rotate the image by clicking and holding on the green button over the picture and dragging your mouse.