How to Insert an Optical Audio Cable

By Eoghan McCloskey

Optical audio cables offer exceptional sound quality, far superior than the sound quality that your TV speakers can deliver on their own. Connecting an optical audio cable from an HD DVR to a surround-sound speaker system, for instance, could not be simpler. Optical audio connections do, however, differ slightly from other audio and video connection types, so taking a few moments to ensure you are connecting the optical audio cable properly is vital to the proper functioning of your audio and video equipment.

Step 1

Remove dust covers. The physical connections on the tips of optical audio cables are sensitive and can be easily damaged, therefore manufacturers often place plastic covers on the tips of optical audio cables. Remove these by hand before attempting to connect the cable.

Step 2

Make sure the cable is right-side up. Optical audio cables will only fit into optical audio ports if they are facing right-side-up, so ensure that the tip of the optical audio connection matches the optical audio connection on the device.

Step 3

Remove the dust cover from the optical audio output on the device.

Step 4

Connect the optical audio cable. Once all dust covers have been removed and the cable is right-side-up, the cable should simply slide into the optical audio port. No locking, twisting, or any other additional connection is required.