How to Insert Objects in MS Word

By Kay Jenkins

Microsoft Word programming makes creating documents both convenient and easy. Features such as importing and exporting files and incorporating clip art and other objects into a document are simple to use. You can learn how to incorporate and insert or copy objects and images (clip art, charts) into your own Microsoft Word document using current Word software.

Step 1

Move the cursor to the desired point or place within the new document where the object or image should be inserted. Locate and click the "Insert" tab from the toolbar located at the top portion of the screen. The "Insert" tab is located to the immediate right of the "Home" tab. A new menu bar will appear.

Step 2

Choose and click the type of illustration or object to insert (clip art, shapes, smart art or charts) from the third section, titled "Illustration." Click the "clip art" tab if inserting clip art. A menu bar will appear at the right margin offering 3 options (search for, search in, results should be). The first option allows you to choose a specified object (car, flower, hat). Type the desired object to to be searched into the blank box located under the "Search for" tab.

Step 3

Review the second option box titled "Search in" and indicate the specified location of the desired object (my collections, office collections, or web collections). Choose and click from either "my collections" (personal picture files), "office collections" (files on the C: drive provided by the MS program) or "web collections" (art objects located on specified website). The third and final option available in the right menu bar is the "Results should be" box. Click the drop-down menu arrow to choose the object source (clip art, photographs, movies, sound).

Step 4

Click "Enter" upon choosing the source and location of the desired object. The desired object should appear. Click the "x" to close the menu box, located at the top right corner of the right menu bar. Right-click the object or image and move the corners of the image box inward (to minimize) or outward (to maximize).

Step 5

Place the cursor on the desired object or image to be "copied" into a new document. Left-click to highlight the desired object, then right-click and a menu box will appear. Choose and click "copy" or "copy image." Return to the new (blank) document and right-click for insertion of the copied image. When the menu box appears, choose "paste." The copied image or object will be automatically inserted into the document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Insert the jump drive into the USB port located on your computer if choosing objects from it. Search in "G: drive" for your desired image or object.

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