How to Insert Videos in a PowerPoint

By Nick Peers

Harness the power of video and insert videos from your computer or from YouTube, OneDrive, and Facebook into your next PowerPoint presentation.

Things You'll Need

  • Video file

Videos communicate more information than words, create atmosphere and, in many cases, provoke an emotional response from your audience. Enhance your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations by inserting videos into your slides from your computer or from YouTube, OneDrive and Facebook.


Don't forget to save the changes periodically to avoid losing your work in case the program crashes. By default, PowerPoint saves the presentation automatically every 10 minutes -- but you can change the save frequency.

Step 1

Selecting the Insert tab in PowerPoint.

Open the presentation you want to edit in PowerPoint and then switch to the Insert tab.


You don't need to position the insertion cursor inside a text box to insert a video. PowerPoint creates a new object when you select a file.

Step 2

Expanding the Video menu and selecting one of the options.

Click the Video button in the Media group and then select Online Video or Video on My PC from the menu, depending on the location of the video.

Inserting Online Videos

Step 1

The Insert Video dialog in PowerPoint.

Select Online Video from the Video menu to display the Insert Video dialog.


If you are not logged in to your Microsoft account in PowerPoint, you can only insert videos from YouTube. Log in to upload videos from OneDrive or Facebook.

Step 2

Inserting a video from YouTube.

To upload a video from YouTube, type a query into the Search YouTube field, press Enter to search, select one of the videos and click the Insert button.

Step 3

Inserting video from OneDrive or Facebook.

To insert a video from your OneDrive account, click the Browse button in the OneDrive section, select the file and click Insert.

To insert a video from Facebook, click the Facebook logo and then connect your account to your Microsoft account. Select the video and click Insert.


You can insert several videos into the same slide if necessary. Resize and reposition them according to your preferences.

Inserting Offline Videos

Inserting a video from your computer.

Select Video on My PC from the Video menu to display the Insert Video file browser, select the file and then click the Insert button to insert it into the slide.


  • To link to a video, click the arrow next to the Insert button in the Insert Video file browser and select Link to File. If you edit a linked video, the changes are reflected in the PowerPoint presentation automatically.
  • PowerPoint supports a variety of popular video formats, including AVI, WMV and MPEG.

Tips and Tricks

You can edit and customize the video object after you insert it. Inserting videos from other sources into PowerPoint slides is also possible.

  • To resize the video on the slide, drag the resize handles on the sides of the object.
  • To move a video, click and drag it on the slide. You can delete a video by pressing Delete after you click it.
  • To play a video, click the Play button in the video box.
  • Youcan format the video -- and change its contrast and brightness, forexample -- by right-clicking the video box and selecting Format Video from the menu.
  • PowerPointdownloads the video from YouTube automatically and inserts it into theslide. You don't need an Internet connection to play back the videoduring the presentation.
  • To use videos from other sources, download them to your computer using third-party software and then insert them into the presentation.