How to Install a 32-Bit Program on a 64-Bit Computer

By Andrew Meer

The 64-bit (x64) operating systems are specifically designed to handle programs and hardware that use the 64-bit architecture. However, using a 64-bit operating system does not in any way stop you from installing or running programs that use the older 32-bit (x86) architecture. Installing a 32-bit program on to a 64-bit operating system is in no way different to the procedure that it takes to install a 64-bit program.

Step 1

Insert the installation CD or DVD of the 32-bit program and click the "Install" link on the Autorun menu.

Step 2

Agree to the license agreement of the program, and specify a location to install it. By default, the program will get installed to the "Programs File (x86)" folder on the hard disk partition of the Windows installation.

Step 3

Follow any other instructions on the installation setup to install the 32-bit program. After installing, you can access the 32-bit program from the Windows Start menu.