How to Install a Belkin Wireless G Router

By Felicia Blue

The Belkin wireless G router enables you to set up a wireless network in your home. While you don't need to know much about the router to get it set up, it helps to understand its function: Routers send data to and receive data from one another. They serve as part of the backbone of the Internet. Installing the Belkin Wireless G Router is relatively simple, and soon will have you cruising the Web.

Things You'll Need

  • Host computer
  • Ethernet cables
  • DSL/cable/satellite modem

Step 1

Power down your computer equipment, including any existing router, modem and computer. Place your wireless G router in a wide-open and central location and keep it turned off.

Step 2

Find the Ethernet cable that connects your computer to your existing modem. Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer and insert it into the wireless G router’s wide area network, or WAN, port, which is typically gray. If you are currently connecting your computer to a wired router, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the existing router and plug the cable in to the gray WAN port on the Belkin wireless router.

Step 3

Plug the additional Ethernet cable that came with your router into one of the local area network, or LAN, ports on the router, which is typically yellow. Then connect the other end to your modem.

Step 4

Plug in the power cord for the modem. Power on the modem and wait for one minute.

Step 5

Plug in the wireless router power supply and connect the other end to the black power port on the back of the Belkin wireless router. Power on the wireless router. The router takes about 20 seconds to power up -- confirmed by the lights denoting "power" and "wired" remaining lit.

Step 6

Power on your computer. Insert the CD that shipped with your wireless router. Belkin's Setup Assistant appears automatically; run through the assistant steps to configure your wireless router.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the "power" and "wired" lights to do not remain steadily lit after 30 seconds, power down your router. Wait one minute and power it back up.
  • If your router does not perform properly, update its firmware (full link in Resources).
  • Keep your router free of appliances such as cordless phones and microwave ovens. These appliances use the same frequency as the router and can degrade the wireless signal.