How to Install a Controller to a PC

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

PC game sales totaled 29.1 million units in 2008, according to research conducted by the Entertainment Software Association. While this number is a far cry from the 189 million units sold for console games (such as the Sony Playstation 3), it is still an impressive total. PC gaming popularity may not equal console gales, but many many players prefer PC gaming. To play many games on your PC, you'll need a controller. A PC controller must be installed and calibrated before it will work.

Things You'll Need

  • PC controller
  • Installation disc (optional)
  • Computer

Step 1

Connect the USB cable from the controller to your PC. If the controller is wireless, connect the USB module to your PC and make sure the controller has batteries.

Step 2

Insert the controller's installation disc. If you don't have the disk, visit the manufacturer's Web site to download the installation software.

Step 3

Follow the prompts from the installation disc or the installation program. You may need to restart your computer.

Step 4

Click on "My Computer" to view the device. If the installation was successful, the controller will be listed. Double-click on the program icon.

Step 5

Calibrate the controller. Every PC controller must be calibrated. The system will guide you through the process. Press the button you want to use for "Up," "Down," "Left" and "Right" as requested.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some older PC controllers do not use USB connections; instead, they may use PS/2 connections. You can usually find the correct port at the rear of your PC tower.