How to Install a LinkSys Wireless Router

By Christopher Capelle

LinkSys (now part of Cisco) is a brand of computer networking products. From internal cards for computers to wired and wireless routers, LinkSys routers are ubiquitous in both homes and offices. One reason LinkSys routers are extremely popular is the company's reputation for high quality along with its plug and play configuration.

Step 1

Connect the router to the network. If you’re replacing a non-functioning router, simply connect the cable in the same place as the old router. If you’re installing a new router, you have to connect the WAN port on the back of the LinkSys to the port on the back of your cable or DSL modem. The other ports connect to the other network nodes, or to another hub.

Step 2

Power down the cable or DSL modem. Then power up the modem and the LinkSys router, making sure you do it in that order.

Step 3

Attach a computer via Ethernet cable to one of the ports of the LinkSys, or use a computer with wireless capabilities to configure. Open a Web browser and enter in the navigation bar.

Step 4

Enter “admin” in username field and “admin” in the password field. This will take you into the configuration page. This is where you customize your network as well as your router settings. Configure a new username and password to get rid of the generic defaults, name your network and set up your network security. Each time you change something, you have to click on the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 5

Navigate to each tab on the configuration page to change the settings. Since every LinkSys seems to have a different configuration page setup, you’ll have to find the following:Home: This is where you set up the router name, as well as setting the general password and username.Wireless: This is where you name your network and set your security preferences.

Step 6

Connect wirelessly to the new network. If you configured the network using a wireless computer, then you will have to connect to the newly named network and enter any appropriate network information.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have to reset the LinkSys router to its original factory settings, press and hold the reset button (located on the back of the unit) for 30 seconds.
  • Keep your password in a safe place. A lost password (either a network password or the administration password) will necessitate resetting the unit, in which case you will lose all your customized settings.

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