How to Install a Radio in a Durango

By Eli Laurens

Replacing a Dodge Durango stock radio can improve the audio quality as well as the value of the vehicle. Manufacturers have standardized the wiring harness color codes, and with an adapter it can be completed in less than an hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Chrysler wiring harness adapter
  • Electrical tape or crimping wire connectors
  • Wire cutter
  • Screwdriver
  • 10 mm socket driver
  • Chrysler universal radio harness
  • Pliers

Step 1

Remove the dash panel surrounding the stock radio. The plastic has clips that will pull loose without tools, just be careful to pull gently. The entire dash panel is one piece of ABS plastic, and once free from the clips, it easily comes off.

Step 2

Use the 10 mm socket and remove the two screws holding the stock radio in place. Gently remove the radio, taking note to not stress the wires connected to the rear of the device.

Step 3

Unplug the radio from the wiring harness, and place the radio aside.

Step 4

Connect the Chrysler wiring harness adapter to the prepared wires on the new radio. The adapter has a set of instructions showing its color codes, which should be matched up with the Dodge color codes. The wires should be twisted together and taped, or crimped with the wire connectors and pliers. The Dodge color coding is as follows:Pink = Radio 12 volt powerBlack = Radio ground Red/white = Ignition power White = Illumination Speaker wires:Light Green/ Purple = Left Front PositiveLight Green/ Green = Left Front NegativeLight Blue/ Purple = Right Front PositiveLight Blue / Black = Right Front NegativeWhite/ Red = Left Rear PositiveWhite / Black = Left Rear Negative Tan / Purple = Right Rear PositiveTan / Black = Right Rear Negative

Step 5

Install the new radio into the Chrysler universal radio harness, before placing it into the dash. These harness models can vary, but they are usually simple plastic rings to make the radio fit the dash opening. It should snap into place, and have "tabs" to hold it in. Bend the tabs down to make a tight fit.

Step 6

Install the radio and harness into the dash. Plug in the wiring adapter first, then ease the radio into place. Using the 10 mm socket, replace the two bolts that hold the radio assembly to the dash.

Step 7

Test the radio. Use the settings and shift the sound from speaker to speaker, making sure the wiring is correct. Test the ignition power cut off, and the nighttime illumination.

Step 8

Reinstall the dash panel. It will snap back into place with careful pressure on the clips. Make sure all clips are in their designated receivers.

Tips & Warnings

  • A wire stripper will save time when splicing the speaker wires.
  • Disconnect the battery before working on any automobile's electrical system.