How to Install ActiveX for Java Plug-In

By Heather Topham Wood

In order to use a Java plug-in, you will have to first install the ActiveX control. Active X controls are add-ons that allow for the Java graphics to display properly on your computer. Following the installation process of Java, you will likely receive a security message that asks if you want to install ActiveX as part of the Java plug-in. As part of your Java download, you will need to install ActiveX controls in order for graphics to be displayed on particular websites.

Step 1

Go to the Java website. On their download page, you will find a list of different operating systems. Select your operating system to start the download process for Java. You should have this downloaded first before installing ActiveX controls in order to speed up the process.

Step 2

Find a webpage that requires a Java plug-in. For example, game sites like uses an ActiveX control for Java plug-in. Once you land on this page, you will receive a security message at the top of your web browser. The message will indicate that an ActiveX control is required to use the Java plug-in before the webpage can properly load.

Step 3

Check the signature of the ActiveX control security message. It should be signed by Sun Microsystems. It should also be backed by a Class 3 security certificate. Once you verify this information, you can proceed.

Step 4

Click the "OK" button on the security message to permit the installation of the ActiveX control for the Java plug-in. The web browser will retrieve the download from the Sun website and automatically install them. Once initially installed, you will not be required to reinstall the ActiveX control the next time that you encounter a website that uses a Java plug-in.