How to Install ActiveX With a Free Download

By Greyson Ferguson

If you are on the Web a good deal of the time, you have probably needed to download add-on applications that give specific pages the ability to function properly. One such application is ActiveX. ActiveX's primary function is to allow Internet Explorer to interface with various external programs such as Media Player, Flash, or Quicktime in order to play files of those types embedded in websites. Most Web designers use ActiveX on their sites so they can easily place and encode videos there. ActiveX is free and easy to download.

Step 1

Navigate to the ActiveX Download Control page (link provided in "Resources"). Although this site provides a variety of different ActiveX add-on applications, the one you want is ActiveX Download Control.

Step 2

Click "Download Now" to the right of the application listing. Once complete, the download will leave a new desktop icon on your computer.

Step 3

Double-click the desktop icon once the download has completed to launch the installation wizard.

Step 4

Read through the provided license agreement and accept it by checking the small "Accept" box.

Step 5

Follow the remaining prompts to launch the installation. In a few moments the process will complete itself.