How to Install an FM Tuner on a Mobile Phone

By Richard Bonilla

FM radios on mobile phones can be purchased from either a service provider's website or the phone developer's application store. Popular mobile stores such as Blackberry, Apple's App store and Google's Android store include FM tuners as a download. Not all cell phones are capable of accepting FM tuner applications but most smart phones can.

Step 1

Open your mobile phone's application store.

Step 2

Select "Search" and enter "FM radio."

Step 3

Choose from one of the options. Depending on your mobile phone's application store, you may download the FM radio application for free or pay a small fee. In any case, the downloaded application will appear directly on the home screen of your phone.

Step 4

Open the FM radio. The applications will differ, with some allowing users to prerecord certain stations, add favorites and tag songs.