How to Install Emoticons on Skype

By Diana Braun

Skype is a way for you to keep in touch with friends and family through online messaging and voice and video chat. The online messaging feature allows you to use emoticons that are small graphics that represent emotions. Skype comes with a preset group of emoticons to use. Skype also provides a set of hidden, adult-themed emoticons that can be used if you know the correct code.

Step 1

Click "Start," then "All Programs" and then click "Skype."

Step 2

Enter your Skype name and password, and click "Sign In."

Step 3

Double-click a person from your "Contacts" in the Skype window. A conversation box appears.

Step 4

Open any Web browser and navigate to a site that contains the hidden emoticon codes. A few of the top sites with the codes include Sherv, SkypeFun and SocialTimes.

Step 5

Highlight the text to the right of the emoticon you wish to use.

Step 6

Right-click the text, and select "Copy."

Step 7

Click inside the conversation box in Skype.

Step 8

Right-click and select "Paste" and then press "Enter."