How to Install Flash Player 10

By Matthew Caines

Flash is a vector animation software that helps users create, read and display animations for webpages. Flash Player is the program that users can download to read anything that has been created in Flash code. Macromedia originally published Flash Player until Adobe purchased Macromedia software in 2005. Flash files are always displayed as SWF file extensions, and the Flash Player, whether it's version 10 or the latest update, can be downloaded online for free.

Step 1

Visit the Get Adobe Flash Player website. (See References.) Note the current published version (as of August 2010, Flash version 10.1), and confirm this is the version you require. Note that the Flash Player can only be downloaded in the following Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Step 2

Decide whether you would like to download a free McAfee scan as well. McAfee offers a free scan with every download of Flash Player. The scan will tell you if there is harmful or malicious malware on your PC. The scan is entirely optional. If you don't want to run the McAfee security scan, simply uncheck the box (the box is checked by default).

Step 3

Click the large yellow "Agree and install now" button to begin your download. Choose to "Save" the installation package to your computer's desktop. Once the download has finished, double-click on the "Install Flash Player" icon on your desktop. An Installation Wizard will automatically begin. Follow the instructions until Adobe has fully installed the Flash Player.For Firefox users, the download automatically begins as an add-on. Click the "Install" button in the new Add-ons window to install Flash Player. When the download has finished, click the "Restart Firefox" prompt to re-open your Internet browser. Adobe Download Manger quickly unpackages and installs the new Flash Player before reverting to any webpages that were open before the download.

Step 4

Confirm your download. Adobe will automatically open a new Internet tab (or window) that confirms your Flash Player download: If you can view the "Successfully Installed" animation at the top of the webpage then the installation is successful.