How to Install Flash Player on Firefox Portable

By Tammy Clevenger

Firefox Portable is a scaled-down, lightweight version of the Firefox browser. To enable mobility of the browser, the software is designed to run off a USB/thumb drive. The Adobe Flash Player may be installed as a plug-in to the Firefox Portable browser on a USB drive. To accomplish the installation, two files are extracted from the Adobe Flash Player installation file, and then copied to the Firefox Portable plugin directory on the USB drive.

Things You'll Need

  • Firefox Portable installed on a USB drive
  • Adobe Flash Player Download
  • Universal Extractor application

Step 1

Download the most current full version of Adobe Flash Player. Save the installation program to your hard drive.

Step 2

Download and install the Universal Extractor tool.

Step 3

Open the Universal Extractor application. Navigate to the Adobe Flash Player installation file downloaded in Step 1.

Step 4

Extract two files from the Flash Player installation file, and save to hard drive. Extract the files: 1. flashplayer.xpt 2. NPSWF32.dll

Step 5

Navigate to the two files from the previous step. Select both files.

Step 6

Copy the two files to the Firefox Portable plug-in directory on the USB drive. If the default installation for the Firefox Portable installation was used, the directory to copy the two files to is:\Mozilla Firefox\plugins

Step 7

Test the installation by using the Firefox Portable browser, and navigating to a site that uses the Adobe Flash plug-in, such as, and accessing a video or slideshow which requires the Flash Player.