How to Install Free Ringtones on a Samsung

By Kathryn Hatter

Finding free ring tones on the internet is not a difficult task. The difficulty most people encounter after they download their free ring tones is figuring out how to install these ring tones onto their cell phone and get their cell phone to recognize and utilize the ring tones.

Things You'll Need

  • Samsung cell phoneUSB CableAudacity Software (audio)Super Software (video)

Installing Free Ringtones on a Samsung

Step 1

Visit the software websites noted to download the Audacity and Super software programs. Download and follow the instructions to install both programs onto your personal computer.

Step 2

Download a free ring tone and ascertain that the ringtone file is smaller than 512 K and less than 30 seconds in length. An example of a website that offers free ring tones for download is Mobizaar.

Step 3

Start the Audacity program. Open the ring tone file within the Audacity program by finding the file in the program and double clicking it. When the ring tone file opens, you should see a wave form of the ring tone open within the work area of the program. Click on the green arrow to begin to play the ring tone. If desired, you can now select which part of the ring tone you want to use to install onto the cell phone. Highlight the portion you wish to install and click the "trim" button to extract this portion of the ring tone out for installation.

Step 4

Export this extracted portion by saving it to your desktop. Rename it an appropriate name. Close the audacity program.

Step 5

Start the Super program. In the Super program at the top left there is a field called "Output Container." Select 3G2 format for Samsung videos. Next, check the box to "disable video." Next, select 44 K for audio. Next to this, select "48 K per second."

Step 6

Locate the MP3 file you saved to your desktop in Audacity. Drag this file into the Super program to open the file in Super. Right click within the Super program to save the MP3 file again. The default save for Super is on the C drive. Accept the default. Next, click "encode active files." The program will proceed to encode the MP3 file and when it is done, close the Super program.

Step 7

Locate the file you just saved on the C drive. It will be the same name you originally named the MP3 file, but it will have a "3G2" extension on the end of it.

Step 8

Transfer the ring tone to the Samsung cell phone by opening the latch at the front of the base of the phone. Plug one end of the USB cable into the cell phone and the other end into a USB port on your computer. Open the Samsung menu and select "Tools" then "Mass Storage" then "Connect to PC." Next, on your computer, rename the second MP3 file that has the "3G2" extension on it. To do this, right click on the icon and select "rename." You will see an ".MP3" extension in the middle of the name. Delete this".MP3" portion of the name and click "enter." Right click on the renamed file and select "copy."

Step 9

Open My Computer on your computer and find "Removable Disk." This represents the Samsung cell phone. Double click this icon. Within this file, find the file "DCIM." Double click this file. Within this file, find a file called "100SSMED." Double click on this file. This is where the Samsung cell phone stores all ring tones and content. Right click anywhere within this folder and select "paste." This installs the ring tone onto the Samsung cellphone. Select "done" on the cell phone and exit. Disconnect the cell phone from the computer.

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