How to Install iTunes Ringtones to an iPhone

By Kevin Lee

Customizable iPhone ringtones allow you to identify callers before you answer your phone. For instance, you could assign one ringtone to a coworker and another to a family member. Apple sells ringtones through its iTunes store. These ringtones cover a wide range of musical styles and genres. Using your iPhone's iTunes application, you can install new ringtones even if you are miles away from a computer.

Step 1

Tap the iTunes icon on your iPhone to open iTunes.

Step 2

Locate the "Ringtones" icon at the bottom of the phone. If you don't see that icon, tap "More" and find it on the next screen.

Step 3

Tap the "Ringtones" icon to view a list of available iTunes ringtones. Scroll through the list of ringtones, and tap those that you like. The phone will play the ringtone.

Step 4

Tap a ringtone that you want to purchase, and then tap "Price" to view the price.

Step 5

Tap the button that lists the purchase price, and then tap "Buy Now." A menu will prompt you for your iTunes user ID and password.

Step 6

Type that information into the menu, and then tap "OK." ITunes will display the "New Ringtone" screen. Click "Done" if you do not want to use the ringtone as your default or assign it to a contact. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Step 7

Tap "Set as Default Ringtone" to make the new ringtone your default. Otherwise tap "Assign to a Contact" to view a list of contacts. Tap one of the contacts to assign the ringtone to that contact. When that contact phones you, the new ringtone will play. Click "Done." .

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also tap the "Search" button instead of scrolling while browsing ringtones in the iTunes application. Enter a search term to view ringtones that match your query.