How to Install Java 1.5.0 06

By Chris Hoffman

Sun's official Java download website provides the latest version of Java. However, many users and developers need older versions of Java since some applications only work with these older versions or just don't work properly with the newest versions. Download and install older versions such as 1.5.0 06 from Sun's Java Download Archive only if you need them; you risk encountering stability and security issues by not using the latest version of Java runtime software.

Step 1

Open Sun's official "Java Technology Products Download" page (see Resources).

Step 2

Choose Java 1.5.0 Update 06. Find "JDK/JRE - 5.0" under "Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE)" and click the list box to the right of it. Click "5.0 Update 6" in the list and then click "Go."

Step 3

Click "Download JRE" to download the end-user Java runtime. Click "Download JDK" if you need Java development functionality.

Step 4

Click the box reading "Select..." to the right of "Platform" and choose your operating system. Click the check box to the left of "I agree to the Software License Agreement" if you agree, then click "Continue."

Step 5

Click "jre-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe" under "Available Files" on the download page to begin the download.

Step 6

Run the Java installer by double-clicking on the downloaded file.

Step 7

Click "Accept" in the "J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6" installer window if you agree with the license agreement. Install Java 1.5.0 06 with custom settings by clicking "Custom setup" before you click "Accept" again.

Step 8

Click "Finish" in the installer window at the "Installation Completed" screen when the installation finishes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sun Java 1.5 and Java 5.0 are the same version. The 5.0 moniker was chosen for marketing purposes.
  • Sun Java 1.5.0 06 and older versions contain security vulnerabilities and other bugs. Always use new versions with critical security patches and other bug fixes if possible.