How to Install Java 1.6

By Greyson Ferguson

Java is an extremely useful application created by Sun Microsystem. Java is an application which allows users the ability to view web sites full of videos and other graphics without having the Internet browser crash. Most computers come with some sort of Java version installed, however it is always best to keep it updated, so the Internet will function properly.

Step 1

Click on the link provided in the References section at the bottom of the page. It leads to the Java download site.

Step 2

Click "Free Java Download" and then "Save File" when asked if you would like to save the file.

Step 3

Double click the newly downloaded file. It will appear in either a "Downloads" pop-up window or as an icon on the desktop.

Step 4

Click "OK" and then "Run" when asked if you would like to run the program.

Step 5

Click "Install" when the Java installation wizard loads.

Step 6

Close out all programs which use the Internet. This includes web browsers, Microsoft Outlook, instant messengers and iTunes. Some of these programs will be updated with the new Java software, and this is not possible while they are open.

Step 7

Click "OK" when all the programs are closed.

Step 8

Click "Close" when a pop-up window tells you the installation has completed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Starting in 2005, Java removed the 2.0 and other numbers from its name. They changed the version number completely, and 1.6 is Java's newest version (also know as Java 6).

References & Resources