How to Install Linux

By Stephen Lilley

Installing the Linux operating system isn't as easy as installing just any regular program on your computer. Although the Linux operating system has always been and will remain free, you still have to choose exactly which version of Linux you'd like to install. Then, you have to create something called a "Live CD" using your Linux installation files and a computer program that has the capabilities to work the ISO file format.

Step 1

Pick a Linux distribution. There are many versions of Linux available, all geared towards different types of users. Ubuntu, for example, is a version geared at casual computer users. Kubuntu on the other hand is geared at more tech-savvy computer users. Pick the version you'd like to install on your computer and then download the official installation ISO file from that distribution's website.

Step 2

Insert a blank compact disc into your CD burner.

Step 3

Use a program like PowerISO, MagicISO or Nero Burning ROM to burn the contents of your ISO file to the CD in your burner. The Windows operating system cannot inherently work with the ISO format, so you'll need to use a program like the aforementioned examples to do this. Once you're done, the CD that you have created is called your Linux "Live CD."

Step 4

Restart your computer with the Live CD in your CD or DVD drive.

Step 5

Click "Install" and follow the prompt you see on screen to install the selected distribution of Linux onto your computer.

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