How to Install Microsoft Word 2007 on My Computer

By Nichelle Coleman

Microsoft Word 2007 is an updated version of Word that introduced many new features, such as the “ribbon” that provides easier access to the programs features. If you have a previous version of Word installed, the newer version can be installed directly over it. There are free trial versions available on Microsoft’s website if you want to try the software before purchasing it. The installation process is simple.

Step 1

Write your product key in a place where you can refer to it during the installation.

Step 2

Insert your installation CD into your computer’s drive. Allow it to be recognized by the computer. You will see the setup screen appear.Enter your product key. After you enter into your product key into the space provided, choose “Continue.” Read the software terms agreement. Choose the “I accept the terms of the agreement” option at the bottom. Choose “Continue.”

Step 3

Decide the type of installation. If the system detects older versions of Word installed, you will be given the option to “Upgrade.” You will also see "Customize” if you want to exclude certain components, such as themes, office tools, fonts, etc. Choose “Customize and uncheck the components that you wish to exclude. If not, choose continue and choose “Upgrade." Choose “Continue” and the next screen will ask you to choose whether to remove or keep previous versions of Word. If you choose to keep older versions, they may conflict with the new versions or cause some newer applications to run slower. Choose the remove option, then click “Continue” to go the configuration screen. If there are no older versions of Word installed, you will simply see the option to choose “Install” and “Customize.” Choose “Install,” then “Continue.”

Step 4

Wait until the configuration process is complete. A progress bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Once the installation is complete, you will be presented with a screen that states the installation was completed successfully. Choose “Close” or choose “Go to Office online” to go directly to Microsoft’s main website.

Step 5

Activate your product. If you are connected to the Internet, you will be presented with an activation screen that allows you to activate your product online. If you are not connected to the Internet, you will see an option to activate it by telephone. You may choose to activate later and use the product 25 times before being forced to activate to continue using Word.

Step 6

Access Microsoft Word by choosing “Start” and then “Programs.” Locate Word in the menu and verify that it opens properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a keep version of Word 2003 installed with the 2007 version, you will need to use a converter to open the newer files. The converter is available on Microsoft’s website as a free download.
  • If you chose to exclude Office tools during the install, you will not have spell-checking features or a dictionary and a thesaurus.