How to Install MSN Messenger

By Jessica Reed

Instant messaging is a popular form of communication not only among teenagers, but college students and many adults as well. It lets you chat live with a single person via text, and is the fastest way to communicate besides telephone.

Step 1

Go to MSN's website (see Resources below). Click on the Messenger link to take you to the download page. There will be a link that says "Download Windows Live Messenger" or "Download." Click the button to start the download.

Step 2

Select what features you want, such as the MSN toolbar, choosing to set MSN as your home page, and allowing Microsoft to collect information from your computer to offer you services tailored to your interests. Once you have finished, click "Install."

Step 3

Click "Save File" from the pop-up window that opens. This should start the download of MSN messenger to your computer. It may take several minutes to download the first time.

Step 4

Once the file has downloaded, find the Windows Live Messenger set-up program. Normally, it will download to your desktop, unless you specify otherwise. If you saved it to a different folder, such as My Documents, check in that folder. If you can't find it, go to search on the start menu, select search all files and folders, and search for Windows Messenger. It should bring up the set-up file.

Step 5

Double click the set-up file and follow the onscreen instructions to finalize the download. Once it has finished, a logo for Windows Live Messenger (MSN) will appear on your desktop. Double click it and sign in with a registered email account. If you have not registered a Windows Live ID, then click at the bottom of the screen on "Sign up for a Windows Live ID." This will walk you through the steps to register any email address for an MSN account. Once you're finished, start MSN again and sign in with your new account name and password.

Tips & Warnings

  • Occasionally MSN will offer you an update upon signing in. If you keep your MSN updated the downloads will go faster, and you will get all the latest features.
  • When creating a Windows Live ID, you do not have to use a Hotmail email address. Any email address will work.

References & Resources