How to Install Rainmeter Skins

By Tom Becker

A cluttered computer desktop can be just as disruptive to your workflow as a cluttered desk. There are many types of software that allow you to fully customize your desktop and adjust your settings. Rainmeter makes desktop customization easy with preloaded "skins" that can be downloaded and used for free. These skins come with a series of desktop customizations, but they must be properly installed first to function.

Step 1

Download a Rainmeter skin of your choice to your desktop (see "Resources").

Step 2

Double-click the folder if it is an archived file to extract it.

Step 3

Choose your desktop as the desired extraction location.

Step 4

Combine all extracted files into a single folder on your desktop.

Step 5

Click and drag the folder containing all the skin files from your desktop to the "Skins" folder in the directory where you have Rainmeter installed.

Step 6

Open the Rainmeter software. The newly installed skin is available in the "Configs" list.