How to Install the Chinese Language Pack in Windows XP

By Greyson Ferguson

With the increasing using of Mandarin, the Chinese language, which is a growing business language throughout the world, you may want to have Mandarin installed onto your Windows XP computer. Doing so converts the current English text and documentation to the Asian language. However, in order to perform this task you must download the free Chinese Language Pack from Windows.

Step 1

Open an Internet browser, and navigate to the Chinese Language Pack download page (a link is provided in "Resources").

Step 2

Click "Download," and the language pack downloads directly to the computer.

Step 3

Double-click the downloaded file. This loads the installation wizard. Scroll through and accept the end-user license agreement. Not agreeing to this results in the process being aborted.

Step 4

Click "Next" on both the installation name and location (this leaves the settings as default), and click "Install."

Step 5

Restart the computer once the installation has finished and the Windows XP computer boots completely in the Chinese language.