How to Install the Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

By Steve Montgomery

Making your keyboard and mouse wireless gives you unprecedented freedom of movement when working at your computer. Once you taste the freedom of working without wires, you will never want to go back. Installation takes just a few steps. When you are done, you will wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.

Things You'll Need

  • Cordless keyboard and mouse kit

Step 1

Turn off your computer, and unplug your current keyboard and mouse.

Step 2

Plug the receiver into an open USB port. If you don't have an open port and your computer has PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, plug the receiver in there, keeping the colors matched: green for the mouse and purple for the keyboard.

Step 3

Remove the cover of the mouse, and insert the two AA batteries that came with the kit. Remove the battery cover of the keyboard, and insert the two AAA batteries in the slot; then replace both covers.

Step 4

Turn the computer back on.

Step 5

Establish communication between the receiver and the devices. Push the connect button on the receiver and then the connect button on the mouse. Then push the connect button on the receiver again, followed by the connect button on the keyboard.

Step 6

Test to be sure that both the keyboard and mouse work. If they don't, repeat Step 5 for the device that doesn't work.

Step 7

Put the disc in the optical drive, and run the setup program by following the prompts to take full advantage of the capabilities of the keyboard and mouse.