How to Install the VLC Plug-in for Firefox in Windows

By Wolfram Donat

The VLC media player is produced by VideoLAN Corporation and is a free, open-source alternative both to QuickTime and to Windows Media Player. It can play almost any type of media stream and can be used as both a media client and a media server across a distributed network.VLC is also available as a plug-in for Mozilla's Firefox browser, for viewing online media such as video and audio streams. It can be installed in one of two ways.

Step 1

Download the VLC media player from the VideoLAN Web site ( Double-click the downloaded .exe file to start the installer. When the Install Wizard begins, select the box labeled "Install VLC Firefox plugin." Then follow the on-screen instructions to install VLC.

Step 2

Quit Firefox if it is currently running. Navigate to the VLC installation folder, normally located in C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\mozilla.

Step 3

Copy both files.

Step 4

Navigate to the Firefox plug-ins folder, normally located in either C:\Program Files\Mozilla\plugins or C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins. Paste the two copied files into this folder.

Step 5

Restart Firefox. The plug-in will now be available for use.