How to Install Windows Media Center on Vista

By Stephen Lilley

Windows Media Center is an invaluable piece of software for those running Windows Vista. Designed to be a "multimedia hub" for your household, Media Center allows you to essentially create your own wireless media network and stream movies, television shows, music and photos to devices like other computers and your Xbox 360. Before you can start enjoying these benefits, however, you must first install the program.

Step 1

Download the Microsoft Windows Media Center installation file from the Microsoft Downloads website (see Resources). The file will have an .exe file extension, and is an executable file that will have all the necessary files and instructions to set up Windows Media Center on your machine. On the Microsoft Downloads web page, locate the "Media Center" tab, click the "Download" button and save the file to your desktop.

Step 2

Execute the Media Center .exe file located on your desktop. This will automatically place all required files in their needed directories on your computer and then launch a "Setup Wizard" to guide you through the rest of the installation process. You can execute the .exe file by double-clicking it with your mouse.

Step 3

Follow the instructions given to you by the Setup Wizard. The Wizard is a way for you to change any default installation settings for Windows Media Center, though if you are not an advanced computer user, it is not recommended that you do. Continue to hit the "Next" button until the program begins to install itself.

Step 4

Restart your computer when the program has completed installation, to "finalize" the process. When you boot back up into Windows, you can then begin to enjoy the benefits of Windows Media Center.

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