How to Install Yahoo! Chat

By Amanda Kondolojy

Yahoo!'s chat service, Yahoo! Messenger, is one of the most popular IM and chatting programs internationally. If you have friends who are waiting for you to join the service, or just want to meet some new people, installing the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger is easy and you'll be chatting with people online in no time.

How to Install Yahoo! Chat

Step 1

Go to the official Yahoo! Messenger website, and click on the big yellow button that says "Download Now." A new window will pop up asking where you want to save the new file. Click on "Desktop."

Step 2

Double-click on the new file on your desktop, once it has finished downloading. It should be named "msngr9.exe." A new window will pop up with further instructions.

Step 3

Click through the various prompts and enter your Yahoo! network information. If you do not yet have a Yahoo! account, you will be able to sign up for one during this part of the process.

Step 4

Restart your computer. Once you have finished clicking through the prompts, you should see a new Yahoo! Messenger icon on your desktop. Although you may be tempted to click on it and start chatting right away, it is important to restart your computer to avoid any run-time errors.

Step 5

Delete the installer file. One you computer has rebooted, you can get rid of the file you downloaded in Step 2. You are now ready to click on the Yahoo! Messenger icon and can begin chatting.