How to Intercept Text Messages From a Child's Phone

By Palmer Owyoung

Still a relatively new technology in 2010, cell-phone text messaging has become one of the most popular forms of communication among young people. If your children are texters, you might be concerned about what they're texting, who they're texting and whom they're receiving messages from. One way of keeping tabs on them is to intercept their messages. This you can do with the use of mobile spy software, which are relatively inexpensive to purchase and simple to use. Choose a mobile monitoring software. A few that you can consider purchasing include Flexispy, MobileSpy and MyMobileWatchDog. As of 2010 these programs ranged in price from $75 to $250.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile monitoring software

Step 1

Install Flexispy. In addition to being able to intercept text messages with this program, you can listen in on phone calls, access call, logs, emails and cellphone GPS coordinates. Once installed on the target phone, you can use another phone to control it remotely with SMS messages. You can also set up regular times for the target phone to upload data to a password-protected website that you can access at your convenience. This program ranges in price from $99 to $250 as of 2010 depending on which features you need.

Step 2

Purchase MobileSpy. MobileSpy allows you monitor text messages and call logs. You can also check the phone's GPS locations every 30 minutes. You won't be able to listen in on phone conversations, but you can find out the numbers that were called. Purchase MobileSpy as a yearly subscription of $99.97 or quarterly subscription of $49.97 as of 2010.

Step 3

Sign up with MyMobileWatchDog, a program designed specifically for managing your children's mobile phone activities. Once it is installed you can monitor up to five accounts at one time. In addition to text messages, you can monitor videos, photos, calls, address book changes, calendar updates and task updates. You can set up the program so that it notifies you via text or email when a specific event happens: for example, when your child receives a phone call from an unfamiliar phone number. You can also use the parental control feature to create lists of safe and blocked numbers. As of 2010 this program cost $9.95 per month.