How to Invent a Phone App

By Diane Majors

Cell phones are now equipped to process various software applications (apps). Cell phone apps provide additional functionality the phone does not otherwise have. From keeping an eye on a bank account to listening to music, applications are built around the idea of enabling these types of functionality. With that said, when it comes to developing an application of your own, a good tactic is to create something that is somewhat based on your personal interests and simplicity, but will also be useful to others.

Step 1

Review the different apps in the app stores of various cell phone providers. Take a mental note of the feedback that was given for the apps you browse.

Step 2

Conceptualize the application you want to develop. When it comes to app users, most of them put a higher value on versatility, portability and intuitive designs. By including these aspects into the overall design of your app, your app will stand a better chance of adoption among users.

Step 3

Begin writing the code for your cell phone application. The task of code writing will not be easy to handle on your own if you are unfamiliar with this process, so hire a professional to write code for you.

Step 4

Test your app stability by installing it to your own cell phone. After doing so, allow several different people to also test the application. If a problem is found, you will have to debug the application.

Step 5

Upload your newly invented and thoroughly tested app to any of the several cell phone provider app stores. The process of adding your app to the App stores varies depending on each cell phone provider's rules.

Step 6

Monitor the response your app receives to improve its performance and enhance its functionality to facilitate better sales.