How to Jailbreak Phone

By Michelle Raphael

When you buy an iPhone, Apple is mainly in control of all types of applications that you install on it. This includes the functions of your hardware that you can use to their utmost potential, and the carrier that you can use for your phone. But what if you want to tweak your iPhone? Perhaps you want to install system-wide gestures or change the device's theme. The best way to do this is to jailbreak your iPhone. This means unlocking the phone to enable it to run the codes and programs to modify its system.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone USB cable
  • Computer with iTunes installed
  • Spirit Jailbreak Tool for Mac and Windows

Step 1

Plug your iPhone into your computer using its USB cable and wait for iTunes to recognize it.

Step 2

Back up the iPhone files to the library of your iTunes then sync it. This step is essential to allow you to restore the settings in case the device needs to be wiped later. Sync everything including the audio and video files, as well as the photos in case you lose it while jailbreaking the device.

Step 3

Open your Spirit Jailbreak tool by clicking on its icon on your desktop or by selecting it from the list of programs on your start menu. It will show a message: "iPhone (version) Connected." Disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it to your PC if it fails to show this message.

Step 4

Click on "Jailbreak," and leave the computer for a few minutes to allow the software to jailbreak your iPhone. Do not interfere with your device, and wait for the software to show "Restore Complete" to signal that the jailbreak process has ended. Your iPhone will automatically restart and show a spinning icon in the shape of a pinwheel. Once it opens, it will show a colorful screen with a progress bar.

Step 5

Wait for the progress bar to load, and your iPhone should boot up to its home screen with the same background, applications and settings.