How to Join Twitter

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Using Twitter is a quick way to stay in touch with your inner social circle or business contacts. Join the free service through a step-by-step process accessed directly from the Twitter homepage. Twitter walks you through the sign-up process, making it fast and easy to get started.

Step 1

Access the Twitter homepage at Notice the highlighted box in the center of the screen labeled "Get Started-Join!"

Step 2

Click the highlighted box labeled "Get Started-Join!" (from Step 1). The account-setup page appears. It reads "Create a Free Twitter Account" at the top of the highlighted sign-up box.

Step 3

Enter the requested information to join the site. Select a user name and password, enter your email address, and type the random "humanness" words into the box provided. This proves a live person is setting up the account instead of a computer program.

Step 4

Check the box for Twitter service email updates if you're interested in receiving them. Click the box labeled "I accept. Create my account" to accept Twitter's terms of service and create your social-networking account.

Step 5

Begin using your Twitter account immediately for social networking and blogging. Answer the question "What are you doing?" in the highlighted box at the top of the page. Find friends in your social network who already use Twitter, or activate a connection between Twitter and your mobile phone.