How to Join YouTube Chat Rooms

By Techwalla Internet Editor

YouTube chat rooms are designed to give users the opportunity to chat with other users who are watching the same videos. The chat rooms are connected to video streams--that is, a collection of videos that play in sequence so that you can watch a series of themed videos with other users.

Step 1

Make sure you are logged in to your YouTube account and click on the Community tab on the main page. Click on the "Test Tube" link at the top of the page.

Step 2

Click on the "Try it Out" link under "Streams." Then, look through the list of active streams and find one in which you'd like to view the videos.

Step 3

Select a stream by clicking on the title. You will then be navigated to a page where a video will begin to play.

Step 4

Look to the right of the video screen and find the window labeled "Stream Community." You will see messages posted by other users. Click inside the text box underneath the chat window and type a message in the box. Then click "Post."

Step 5

Go back to the Stream page at any time to pick a new stream and the YouTube chat room in which to participate.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can create your own Stream and chat room if you want to invite friends to chat with you on YouTube. Click on the "Create your own Stream" link on the main Stream page.
  • YouTube's terms of use still apply in the YouTube Stream chat rooms. Be sure you understand the terms of use before participating in the chat rooms so you don't violate the rules.