How to Keep a Laptop From Overheating

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Laptops are a modern wonder, compact and convenient. But from time to time, without proper precaution, they can overheat. If you have troubles keeping your laptop cool, a few simple tips can help to prevent your computer from overheating.

Step 1

Turn your computer off and allow it to cool down if it does overheat. Aside from the underside of your laptop getting very hot, it may also begin to freeze or even shut down completely to protect itself if it begins to get to hot. This is a sign that your computer needs a break, so give it one.

Step 2

Work with your laptop on a flat surface. The rubber feet on your laptop are designed to allow airflow to the underside of the computer, so if you are working on a bed or other soft surface, you cut off the airflow. If you do want to work away from a desk or table, try keeping your computer on your lap, exposing the underside to air.

Step 3

Shut down your laptop before placing it in your carrying bag. While it is convenient to simply pull your laptop from the bag, open the screen and start working, the environment inside of the case may be too warm for your computer and can quickly damage the hardware and the screen.

Step 4

Give your laptop a bit more lift to increase the airflow under the machine. Two simple, flat rulers placed along the front and back edges of your computer is enough to increase the flow of air and keep your laptop cool.

Step 5

Unplug your charger as soon as the battery is full. A common mistake people make is leaving their computer plugged in at all times. However, the constant source of electricity will heat your battery and in turn overheat your laptop. Only charge your computer as long as necessary.