How to Keep a Small Crack From Getting Bigger on an iPod Touch

By Frankie Smith

A cracked screen on your iPod Touch can render your iPod useless, leaving it vulnerable to further cracking. A cracked screen also leaves your iPod vulnerable to moisture damage and opens the opportunity for dust to get inside the casing. If you are unable to immediately purchase a replacement iPod or a new casing, you can try to prevent the spread of the crack.

Things You'll Need

  • Alcohol swab
  • Anti-glare screen cover
  • Hard case

Step 01

Use an alcohol swab to gently clean the iPod screen. Do not press down on the glass. Any pressure may contribute to further cracking. Let fully air dry.

Step 11

Gently apply a commercial screen protector, available at most stores that sell iPod accessories.

Step 21

Gently smooth out air pockets. Be extremely careful during this step, as smoothing air pockets requires some pressure and might cause further cracking. If the air pockets are not obstructing your ability to use the iPod, leave them alone.

Step 31

Place your iPod in a hard case to lessen the chances of pressure on your screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cracked glass generally continues to crack more over time. If the crack continues to grow, you might consider contacting your local Apple Store to obtain an estimate for replacing the screen entirely.