How to Keep My Cell Phone From Being Traced

By James Johnson

Many new cell phones include built-in GPS receivers. Other devices offer specialized tracking software than can locate a phone using only the surrounding cell phone towers, a process known as triangulation. So what happens when you don't want to be found? For those instances you'll need to know how to "stealth" your phone.

Step 1

Find your GPS setting and turn it off. On most GPS-enabled phones you will find a "Communications Manager." Its location varies by phone model. Access your Comm Manager and turn off your GPS.

Step 2

Remove Geo-Tagging software. This software also varies from phone to phone. Typically you will find it in your Applications or Games folders. Use your phone's uninstall process to remove this software. Some software uses location-based services (LBS) that do not require GPS so by removing the software you remove the trace. You may also be able to deactivate the LBS from within the program as well.

Step 3

Turn off your phone. This is the easiest way to avoid tracing. When your phone is turned on it is still possible to track since it must constantly send and receive tower signals in order to make and receive calls. Completely powering down your device stops that signal from broadcasting.

Step 4

Remove any "carrier-provided services" from your cell phone plan that include tracking capabilities. For instance Verizon Chaperone service makes any participating phone traceable. If you don't want a phone to be traced you can stop paying for or remove carrier-provided services. This is the best route if you think your username and password for the online portals have been hacked.

Tips & Warnings

  • The main premise of phone trace blocking is simple: turn off any unused applications and hardware that can lead to tracking, namely your GPS, LBS and, if necessary, your actual device.