How to Keep My MacBook Pro From Going to Sleep During a Download

By Jedadiah Casey

MacBook Pro computers are Apple's high-end laptops geared toward the professional and enthusiast market. MacBook Pro laptops have higher specifications and cost more than MacBook laptops. MacBook Pro computers come preinstalled with Apple's Mac OS X operating system. Mac OS X is designed to maximize the battery life in a laptop computer. You can keep your MacBook Pro from going to sleep during a download by adjusting the Energy Saver settings.

Step 1

Click the "System Preferences" icon in the dock.

Step 2

Click "Energy Saver."

Step 3

Move the slider next to "Computer sleep" further to the right to extend the time before the MacBook Pro enters sleep mode. Move the slider completely to the right to prevent the MacBook Pro from sleeping.

Step 4

Move the "Display sleep" slider further to the right, optionally.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is not recommended to set the "Display sleep" to "never" as it shortens the life of the display.