How to Keep the Toolbar on Internet Explorer From Disappearing

By Chris Miksen

Internet Explorer 8 features several different toolbars, from the default command bar to toolbars installed via an add-on. If you've ever opened Internet Explorer and realized that one of your toolbars has suddenly disappeared, don't worry. Your Internet browser isn't malfunctioning or rebelling against you; the toolbar is simply hidden. You can enable the toolbar again by accessing the toolbar options.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer. The icon is pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar by default.

Step 2

Right-click an empty area on any toolbar. The available toolbars list will appear. The enabled toolbars have a checkmark next to them, while the hidden ones do not.

Step 3

Click the toolbar you wish to enable. If it is a default toolbar, it will appear instantly. If it is a toolbar add-on, click "Enable."