How to Know If a Phone Is Unlocked

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

When it comes to cell phones, they have this fantastic little application that allows you to lock them so snooping fingers can't read texts, emails or call logs. Well here are some tips on how to know if your cell phone is indeed unlocked.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone

Step 1

Look at the main screen of the cell phone. Many cell phones differ in exactly which applications can be locked, but the general application is that the entire cell phone is locked. If the screen on the cell phone is asking for a code, then it is locked. If not, chances are it is unlocked.

Step 2

Access the phone book on the cell phone. Many people have many numbers which they like to keep private. Search the cell phone by interfacing with its "memory book" or "phone book" to see if you can openly search the contents. If so, it is unlocked. Be sure to look for a "private" phone book on the cell phone.

Step 3

Go on the web to check and see if the cell phone is in fact unlocked. Surfing on the web on cell phones tends to cost a bit of money. Even if the person owns a comprehensive plan, there are games, videos, television shows and more that can all be downloaded for a price. If you can roam free during these applications, it is a safe bet that the cell phone is in fact unlocked.

Tips & Warnings

  • If privacy is an issue for you, make sure you lock your cell phone when you are living within the temptation circle of others.